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My pre-XF-movie ritual last included rewatching much of the 2001 Scully Marathon tape (which I actually have on DVD now thanks to my awesome brother), and watching "Requiem." I decided on that episode because it was the last episode where I totally felt like it was my show (there were times in season 8 that it felt that way, but by season 9 I was watching someone else's show completely and had to readjust my vision of what I was expecting). Plus, it had the scene I wanted, with Mulder telling Scully he couldn't lose her and how she wouldn't "let him go alone." oh sigh of shippiness.

Today, tiny things keep going wrong (we're short on nursery workers for our biggest Sunday of the summer, we had no water at my house this morning [long story], and Waylon the puppy decided munching on couch cushions would be a great idea), BUT. I am wearing my Scully Marathon shirt (much to the bemusement of unenlightened coworkers), our showing hasn't sold out (good because it means we get good seats :-), and it's now less than 3 hours until MULDER AND SCULLY!!!

In the interest of sharing the love (and totally gakking a meme from [ profile] dashenka and others), I went and found BDodd's "Gravity of Love" music video from the 2001 Scully Marathon on YouTube. If you've never seen it, NOW is the time. :-)

(the video was removed, because YouTube swapped it for something else. Hmm.)
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