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Okay, so.  I had this great idea this morning for a pre-season 10 "why/how did Mulder and Scully break up" story and I really want to work on it, but this afternoon I cut my thumb while slicing apples (because I am AMAZING in the kitchen, y'all.  A badass).  Now I'm distracted and can't remember half of my idea, and I'm typing with a makeshift gauze bandage held on with washi tape and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bandaid (#momlife).  

As long as I'm using made up hashtags, let's also use this one:  #lameexcuses  

How about, instead, I share some recs?  :-)

Elysium by Aloysia Virgata
.  Five things Scully didn't get to do with William and one she did.  Kleenex warning!  No spoilers for Season 10.

Five Times Scully Called Mulder "Fox" and a Thousand Times She Didn't by Leiascully.  What it says on the tin, and slightly NSFW.  And just awesome.

Just the Thing by [ profile] pinebluffvariant - A sweet story set at the end of "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas."

Coda by [ profile] deslea - A little Alex Krycek.  To say more is to spoil.  It's lyrical and amazing, made me nostalgic and giddy all at once.

There are likely tons more, but the point is this:  whether you are on Tumblr or not, the place to find the good (most MSR) stuff right now is clearly here: 


Dec. 28th, 2015 05:47 pm
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I got a fantastic gift this year - A Helstone Rose, a Margaret Hale/John Thornton tale from the North and South book and miniseries.  An alternate ending for the miniseries, in which Margaret chooses a slightly different path.  It is exactly what I was hoping for, and it's meaty - long with excellent characterization.  I was really happy to see this and I highly recommend it if you're a North and South fan!

Drive-by recs after my first pass:

Zinc Man, The Americans:  Like the tightest and most tense of any episode of the show.  Really well-researched.  I love the voices in this, too.  The author is clearly a fan!

The Long Dry Road That Lead Me Here, Almost Famous: Oh, Penny I wasn't expecting to see any Almost Famous stories in the archive, so this is a pleasant surprise.  And such a good one.  Penny, pre-movie.  The best idea - that it's Penny Lane who is most responsible for getting Stillwater to the point we see them in the movie.

The Good Old Way, True Grit (2010):  Mattie Ross confesses.  It's a perfect internal monologue and then some.  Not really a Mattie/LaBoeuf story, but a shipper like me was more than satisfied anyway.  ;-)

In Stunning Heaps, Dawson's Creek:  Just because I'm still a huge Pacey/Joey fan, and this is a fun slice of life for them post-series.

(Not) Like Uber But For Babysitting, The Babysitters Club:  Yuletide always brings to light the best nostalgia.  This is definitely that, and then some, as the BSC girls, all grown-up, create an app.  Love, love, love it.

The Ones I Used to Know, White Christmas/Agent Carter:  The crossover you never knew you always wanted.  Bob Wallace and Peggy Carter meet, again, after the war.  It captures both sources so well, and I'm seriously sorry Bing Crosby and Hayley Atwell can only meet in fanfiction.  Ah well.  This is great.

Star and Stripes, American Girls: Molly/Agent Carter:  Another great crossover!  Molly is a fan of the Captain America Adventure Hour.  Halloween fun ensues.  I really love this.

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Deadweight on Velveteen by goddesspharo - post-series, pre-movie Mulder/Scully that is exactly perfect. Go, read, shower her with feedback.

Bumping it Down by Adrienne - Okay, so, I'm spoiled as heck for the new movie but a lot (A LOT) of people aren't, and Adrienne was one of those people. So, take that into account. :-)

UBF by SamPiper - a bit of AU spec fic that you'll enjoy, because it's Mulder/Scully in a good way. I guess that's a crappy explanation, but seriously, if spec fic is your thing and MSR is your thing, this is a good one for you.

XF Fic Rec

May. 12th, 2008 12:34 pm
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I need to watch the trailer the minute I get home, since I got distracted by all the disasters in the news this morning.

Anyway, fic rec!

Here in the Dark by TLynn. Post-"Three Words," kinda angsty but also hopeful.

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If y'all haven't read it yet, there's a story up on Ephemeral called "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" which just *rocks*.

It's by Marigold, and you can find it here.
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And check out two new fanfic stories that hit the airwaves this weekend, both by classic XF authors.

Essential by TLynn - (author website)

This Week in Entertainment, 2112 by ML - author listing at Gossamer)

And you should already be reading everything that [ profile] onpaperfirst is writing, especially her post-"Hollywood A.D." delight, Maps.

My goodness, y'all are getting downright prolific! I'm sure I'll be back later.
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