Apr. 24th, 2017

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Eeeee!  Not Prime Time!

Seriously, I love this exchange.  It hasn't once failed to bring the fun.  Plus, NPT means spring and summer and all that comes with those.  Can't complain.

So, dear writer, know that you have an astronomical chance of making my day, just because we matched and you're writing for me.  :-)

Some details and suggestions under the cut.

Generally speaking: I prefer angst over fluff, I like happy endings that come after struggle or discord, I love character studies and backstories. I love minor characters in fic, the chance to flesh out what we don't see on the page or screen. Not into pregnancy AU, high school or university AU, or modern AU. BUT I love canon-divergence or AUs within the given universe (a different meet-cute, or a different ending, for example). While I love angst, I don't love trauma, especially of the sexual variety. Not really into a lot of kink or graphic sex.

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