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ETA - Feels like every place I've ever lived is getting hit with tornados this week. Oklahoma City is under threat of an EF4 right now. There's one in Chickasha as I type, already leveling homes, there's already video coming out of the news stations up there. There's another on the north side headed for Guthrie. If you know anyone in Oklahoma City, tell them to take cover if they haven't already. My aunt in Pittsburg KS also says that they are battening down the hatches there (it's SE Kansas, about 40 miles west of Joplin, MO).

Storm spotters in Oklahoma are telling me there's a pretty big twister crossing I-40 at El Reno. I'm also hearing that the "levels" in Oklahoma are four times as high as they would be to tip off meteorologists that they need to expect strong tornados.

The levels in north central Texas (think Dallas/Fort Worth) are just above the expected tornado levels and climbing.

When I checked the radar, there were four tornado warnings in Oklahoma along I-40. People in Edmond, north of OKC, are being told to find shelter now, and in the city of Enid, day care centers are closing ahead of the storm's arrival. ETA: At 5:02, the second tornado warning went out for Piedmont, OK. Oklahoma City is preparing to be hit as well./ETA

Meanwhile, seeing reports of baseball-sized hail in Palo Pinto County in Texas, moving NE. Possible tornado warning there, and local news is calling it the "first" one of the evening. My dad says they're already calling it the next "night of the twisters" up there.

Another long night ahead.
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