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I have family who live near Joplin, and thankfully they weren't hurt, but there was a lot of property damage outside the twister's path. Meanwhile, the early reports say 89 were killed in the twister that hit last night, and we're hearing that it may have been an EF4/EF5. It was definitely multi-vortex (meaning more than one funnel, or a funnel that split).

EDITED TO ADD: [ profile] lazypadawan put up a list of more ways to help Joplin out:

If you want to help with relief efforts, Mashable put together a quick list:

I'd like to encourage you to donate blood (especially if you're O neg, but everyone should if they can!). Your local hospital or donation center works fine. There is a blood drive in Dearborn, Michigan on TUESDAY:

Heart of Missouri United Way (Columbia, MO) has stepped up and established the Joplin Tornado Relief Fund. 100% of donations will go directly to Joplin United Way, with ZERO overhead. Follow the link, call 573-443-4523, or text "Joplin" to 864833.

The Red Cross is asking that people not just go to Joplin to help, but to call ahead. Nurses and doctors please call 417-832-9500.

To make a donation to the Red Cross (to help with ALL natural disaster victims in the U.S. right now), visit, call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) or text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Contributions may also be sent to your local American Red Cross chapter or to the American Red Cross, P.O. Box 37243, Washington, DC, 20013.
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