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First, I have to thank eudaimon for the terrific Yuletide gift, "And Spill the Things I Mean to Hide Away." This is a The Paradise story about Denise, long after the events of series 1. It's beautiful and gives Denise quite her own footing, and I love it.

What I wrote. Uh, too much. :-)

If You Hit It Right, That is Heaven - A League of Their Own for shoemaster. This assignment is my all-time favorite. I had a blast writing this. Jimmy and Dottie, making their way to each other the way I think they might have done if circumstances were on their side. A lot of the comments have been about how "love of baseball" shines through and I was so, so happy to see that, because that is exactly what I wanted to do with it.

The Huge Footprints of the Great Brown Bear - Brave, for silencedancer. This was for Yuletide Madness. It's an attempt at some backstory for the witch. I did this without being able to rewatch the movie at the time, so it's a bit non-compliant with canon (and really off if you've seen the short The Legend of Mor'du), but I had fun writing it.

Clarence Oddbody, Angel (and Good-Deed-Doer) - It's a Wonderful Life for IrenaK. A Yuletide treat written during Madness. Honestly, I wasn't totally thrilled with this, though I didn't realize it until much later. The idea in my head didn't flesh out the way I wanted it to, but I think I may revisit the conceit because it was fun in theory. Clarence makes his way to visit other charges of his (all of whom happen to be Jimmy Stewart film characters), chaos follows.

My Soul to Keep - Stephen King's The Stand for Gryph. Another Yuletide treat written during Madness. Keeping with the theme I started when I wrote words spoken in winter go unheard in 2010, this is a pre-canon glimpse. This time, of the Walking Dude himself, as he wanders through Ogunquit, Maine while Frannie and Harold are still children.
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