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Dearest Yuletide Author, you have already made my year just by signing up!

Generally speaking: I prefer angst over fluff, I like happy endings that come after struggle or discord, I love character studies and backstories. I love minor characters in fic, the chance to flesh out what we don't see on the page or screen. Not into pregnancy AU, high school or university AU, or modern AU. BUT I love canon-divergence or AUs within the given universe (a different meet-cute, or a different ending, for example). While I love angst, I don't love trauma, especially of the sexual variety. Not into threesome pairings in any of my requested fandoms and prefer femslash if any slash (though not graphic). I'm on Tumblr as Maidenjedi (it hasn't been updated in ages, but what's there is probably still relevant).


Suite Fran├žaise (2015) - I ship Lucile/Bruno so hard, and there are so few stories on the Archive for them! I'd really love to see them back together after the war, finding a way to make it work, or even having one fling to get some closure. Alternately, I'd love to see Lucile the Resistance Fighter, haunted a bit by her almost-love with Bruno but determined to beat back the Nazi invasion. If Benoit can join her in those adventures, awesome! Another idea - give me some backstory for the severe Madame Angellier that gives her more dimension and cause. I've also read the book, so if you have and you want to use that for material, go for it!

Death Comes to Pemberley (2013) - I was enchanted by the film version of the PD James novel, and I would like more Georgiana/Henry! I'd especially love to see them in their courtship phase, post-film. I'm also quite curious about Darcy and Lizzy in the years between P&P and DCtP. Lizzy's anxiety over the way Darcy relates to her, the history between them rearing it's ugly head, seems like it may have been a issue earlier. So yeah, some angst as they get used to one another would be great to read about, before but in the context of the DCtP events. Love to read, too, about a happy Christmas in the future, with Georgiana and Henry in the center.

The Buccaneers (1995) - I've always thought the decidedly-un-Whartonlike take on this story is actually a lot of fun. I ship Nan/Guy and would most like to see them in their happy ending. OR - I love canon divergence, and how about hooking Guy and Nan up much sooner, saving her from a loveless marriage with the Duke? And, here's a thought - mess it all up, and let Nan remain a Duchess. Maybe she knows about Julius and maybe not, but she takes the coronet and makes it all work beautifully. Maybe she and Guy reconnect decades later, and Julius is gone, and Guy has to break down walls that Nan has put up? Another idea - Guy comes to the States to work on railroads, and meets Nan there instead. If none of this floats your boat, how about a romance for Laura Testvalley with a man who values her?

The Great Escape (1963) - No slash, please. How about Hendley and Hilts after the war, meeting at a reunion? They can be much older, or it can be shortly after the war. Hendley goes on an Honor Flight to see the memorial in Washington? Hilts plays minor league baseball and Hendley sees him play? Basically, I just want to know what happens to these guys in fictional terms.

The Incredibles (2004) - Honey Best, secret Super! Mirage, has powers but doesn't find out until after the events of the film, or she knew all along and hides it so she can work to foil Syndrome. Helen Parr and Honey Best team up to save the world from a baddie. Edna Mode gets her start in Super fashion. Edna and Helen plan Helen's wedding dress. Anything involving any of these ladies works for me!! (also, Mirage/Helen would work for me, if Bob is NOT in the picture)


Dec. 28th, 2015 05:47 pm
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I got a fantastic gift this year - A Helstone Rose, a Margaret Hale/John Thornton tale from the North and South book and miniseries.  An alternate ending for the miniseries, in which Margaret chooses a slightly different path.  It is exactly what I was hoping for, and it's meaty - long with excellent characterization.  I was really happy to see this and I highly recommend it if you're a North and South fan!

Drive-by recs after my first pass:

Zinc Man, The Americans:  Like the tightest and most tense of any episode of the show.  Really well-researched.  I love the voices in this, too.  The author is clearly a fan!

The Long Dry Road That Lead Me Here, Almost Famous: Oh, Penny I wasn't expecting to see any Almost Famous stories in the archive, so this is a pleasant surprise.  And such a good one.  Penny, pre-movie.  The best idea - that it's Penny Lane who is most responsible for getting Stillwater to the point we see them in the movie.

The Good Old Way, True Grit (2010):  Mattie Ross confesses.  It's a perfect internal monologue and then some.  Not really a Mattie/LaBoeuf story, but a shipper like me was more than satisfied anyway.  ;-)

In Stunning Heaps, Dawson's Creek:  Just because I'm still a huge Pacey/Joey fan, and this is a fun slice of life for them post-series.

(Not) Like Uber But For Babysitting, The Babysitters Club:  Yuletide always brings to light the best nostalgia.  This is definitely that, and then some, as the BSC girls, all grown-up, create an app.  Love, love, love it.

The Ones I Used to Know, White Christmas/Agent Carter:  The crossover you never knew you always wanted.  Bob Wallace and Peggy Carter meet, again, after the war.  It captures both sources so well, and I'm seriously sorry Bing Crosby and Hayley Atwell can only meet in fanfiction.  Ah well.  This is great.

Star and Stripes, American Girls: Molly/Agent Carter:  Another great crossover!  Molly is a fan of the Captain America Adventure Hour.  Halloween fun ensues.  I really love this.

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Hi, Yuletide Author! Thank you for signing up and thank you in advance for what you're going to write. I've been doing Yuletide long enough that it feels like a genuine tradition, and I am excited!

Generally, things you should know about my likes/dislikes: I prefer angst over fluff, I like happy endings that come after struggle or discord, I love character studies and backstories. I love minor characters in fic, the chance to flesh out what we don't see on the page or screen. Not into pregnancy AU, high school or university AU, or modern AU. While I love angst, I don't love trauma, especially of the sexual variety. Not into threesome pairings in any of my requested fandoms and prefer femslash if any slash (though not graphic). This year I've been pretty obsessed with costume drama, so my requests reflect that. I'm on Tumblr as Maidenjedi and my AO3 profile is linked here, too (also, Maidenjedi).

Three of my fandoms this year are represented on page and screen. I've watched all the versions available and read the novels, so feel free to cross those lines in your story if you choose one of those.

Specifics under the cut! Yay!  And again, THANK YOU!!!

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TITLE: Wings Like Noah's Dove
PAIRING: Larry Underwood/Lucy Swann
SPOILERS: the novel
DISCLAIMER: Not mine and I'm not selling.
SUMMARY: Larry Underwood comes back to Boulder.

Written for [ profile] marien in Yuletide Madness 2014. Title from 'Fare Thee Well (Dink's Song)', as I was listening to Oscar Isaac's version on the 'Inside Llewyn Davis' soundtrack on perpetual loop while writing this.

Also on AO3.

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TITLE: It's Bound to Scare You, Boy
FANDOM: The Stand by Stephen King
SPOILERS: the novel
DISCLAIMER: Not mine and I'm not selling.
SUMMARY: Larry Underwood and a stranger. Los Angeles, 1989.

Written for [ profile] ninety6tears for Yuletide 2014. Lyrics from 'Eve of Destruction' by Barry McGuire (the title, too) and 'Baby, Can You Dig Your Man?' by Stephen King.

Also on AO3.

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TITLE: Reflection
FANDOM: Jane Austen's Persuasion
PAIRING: Anne Elliott/Frederick Wentworth
SPOILERS: the novel
DISCLAIMER: Not mine and I'm not selling.
SUMMARY: Lady Russell has some things to consider on the morning of Anne's wedding.

Written for [ profile] missgiven in Yuletide Madness 2014

Also on AO3

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Hello, my dear Yuletide author!  

If we have not crossed paths before, let me give you an idea of what I like in general terms.  I'm a big fan of divergent plotlines and what-ifs, of angsty relationships (but not hurtful ones), of crossovers, of character-driven sci-fi, and timeless romance.  I have a toddler, so my daily life is full of Disney and PBS Kids, and so my fandoms tend toward the wildly inappropriate for the under-12 set.  Feed my brain, please :-)

This year my requests were kind of all over the place, and I'm gonna guess we matched on just one thing.  So, without further ado:

Persuasion - Of course I ship Anne/Frederick, but I'm really interested in some of Anne's backstory, particularly with Charles Musgrove.  How did that relationship progress as far as it did, and how did it fall apart?  Another thought - what if Anne married Charles?  How did Charles turn to Mary, and was Mary a better person back then (a little less Elliott, I mean)? I think there are a lot of possibilities here.  And as I say, I ship Anne/Frederick and love them, so their early courtship is great fodder, and so is any angst in the in-between years.  

It (Stephen King) - Oh my.  Well.  Where to start.  I am kind of wacky and ship Richie/Bev. Because it's light-hearted and I think kind of fun, even given their shared experience.  I like stories about what happens to the kids after Derry, when they still know one another and before they totally forget, but I also like stories about the Losers as adults, before they go back to Derry.  This is a pretty tiny fandom and pretty heavily relationship-centered - so gen would be wonderful, too, especially about Bev in her world.  It would be really great to see something about the friendship between Richie and Bill - I feel like that didn't get enough coverage in the book.  BTW, I like *all* the Losers, so whoever else shows up in what you write is welcome.  :-)  Also, I'm not keen on explicit sex in this fandom - King kind of covered that, I think.

Galaxy Quest - Pre-movie!  Tell me about anything you like in the early days of the show.  Gwen DeMarco is one of my favorites ever, so let her shine, especially if it means that Jason Nesmith gets a little comeuppance :-)  I do kind of ship Gwen and Jason, and I think Gwen and Alex have an interesting dynamic (or could, in the right hands).  But you know, I would love to know how Fred Kwan got his part and see the others through his POV, too.  Just have fun here.  :-)

The Americans - The best show people aren't watching, y/y?!  So....I honestly have no specific requests here, just general ideas.  I think backstory is probably my biggest interest right now, on either of our protagonists or Claudia (or, Elizabeth's mom, during the war maybe?).  I love the ongoing and deepening conflict between the Jennings and their children, so there's something to explore.  But I would love anything you can come up with, because it is TOO LONG BETWEEN SEASONS OMG.

Indiana Jones Series - Indy and Marion, one of my original OTPs.  Could we maybe delve into their backstory?  Introductions, "the man she knew when," how Marion ended up where she was in the beginning of Raiders.  Where is Marion during the events of Temple of Doom, how did she and Indy break up, or DID THEY?!  Or hey, why not swap their roles - or leave Indy by the wayside for a bit - and send Marion to India, or in search of the Holy Grail?  Could Marion work with Henry Sr. on his translations and investigative work?  And consider - Dr. Marion Ravenwood, the foremost north American archaeologist and her search for an artifact of some importance.  Crossovers your thing?  Put Indy and Marion in the MCU :-)

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It has been one hell of a whirlwind week. Back to that later. In the meantime, Yuletide reveal!

Somehow, I ended up writing my original story plus a few treats, breaking a dry streak I've had going. They were:

Words of Good Cheer for blueteak, The Americans. I was intimidated by the prospect of actually writing in this fandom. I read a book on Russian illegals in the 1950s, I re-watched half the first season, I fretted over how to write a good spy story. And then I wrote nothing of the kind. My inspiration ended up being a trip to a Big Box store that was decked out for Christmas, and imagining coming from a society that not only outlawed religious practices of the everyday variety, but something as entwined in American culture as Christmas. Truly, I felt much more deeply about Elizabeth's struggles on this than I was able to convey - other authors had much better insight than I - but I was ultimately happy with what I came up with.

The Last of the Apple Pie for Anne, Stephen King's The Stand. It wouldn't be Yuletide Madness, I am beginning to think, if I didn't feel seized by the King muse. I think this is the fourth or fifth Yuletide prompt I've written off of in a Stephen King fandom. Anyway, the lost stories of the Captain Trips plague intrigue me, the backstory and the in-betweens, so it wasn't difficult to conjure up the images I needed for this. I had a hard time keeping it under 1000 words and I think I may go back and embellish, but anyway. Fun to write.

The Day Ben Hanscom Never Really Forgot for ninety6tears, Stephen King's IT. Honestly, this feels really incomplete. Ben and Bev get an afternoon to themselves during the summer of '56. I wanted to contrive a story with more foreshadow for them - some happiness that tells of what could come for them. It could have been better, but it got a good response as-is.

A Sack O'Gold for longwhitecoats, Galaxy Quest. Heh. Figures that I'd write a piece that I'm actually kind of thrilled about the same year that Galaxy Quest is home to one of the most popular stories of Yuletide. But anyway, this came directly from the inspiration I had when writing "The Headaches, the Heartaches, the Backaches, the Flops" about Gwen DeMarco last year. I even took the title from "There's No Business Like Show Business" again, and made the references within the story coincide. I have a lot of head canon for this movie, and when I saw the prompt, I had the story half written before I put anything down. Lots of fun to write, and I'm positive I'll be dipping into that well again.
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Basically my first pass. The first three were stories written for me (!! I feel incredibly blessed by this).

I may be offline for a few days, I'm not sure yet. My grandmother passed away this morning. It wasn't wholly unexpected, as she's been extremely ill for the last several months and last few weeks in particular. I have more to say, but at the moment, I just want to share some joy.


West (The Stand) - Y'all. Y'ALL. If you were ever, even a tiny bit, a Stephen King fan, and if you ever, even a tiny bit, liked The Stand, drop what you are doing and read this story. I don't think I have ever asked for this fandom during Yuletide, and this year I said, it's time. Clearly, I was right. The author(s) turned the tables and sent Fran, Sue, Lucy, and Nadine west from Boulder to confront Flagg. And they did some other incredible things, as well, that I can't spoil for you here. The ladies get to shine and it is amazing. Nothing I can say will do this story justice. Just read it!

Blowin' in the Wind (Twister) - Asks and answers the questions - how did Jo and Bill meet, and how did Dorothy get her name? Appearances from Dusty and Rabbit and Aunt Meg. This is a sweet, completely believable intro to Jo and Bill's relationship, minus Dusty's hyperbole. And Jo! Damaged, determined, challenging. I love her and this author rocked her characterization.

Five Lives That Could Have Been (Toy Story) - The Woody and Jessie we know weren't the only incarnations of those toys, so this story imagines the lives of other versions. Each one is touching in its way, some bittersweet, some harsh, the way every childhood differs. I was reminded starkly of reading The Velveteen Rabbit, in some ways. Really, this is what I wonder about when I watch those movies, especially the second one. I was charmed and touched and hope you will be, too.

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway (Anne of Green Gables) - Dora Keith isn't boring, and neither is Jane Andrews. A truly wonderful look at the "over-looked." I really enjoyed this look at Dora, in particular, who is almost a cipher in the novels.

Between Spaces (Friends) - Rachel navigating adulthood during the first season. This is the Friends I adored, everyone fumbling and figuring out life together. So I have to share this story with you.

Not Words But Meanings (A League of Their Own) - Well. This is the best baseball story that isn't really about baseball I've read in a long time. And the author's Doris Murphy is so damned spot-on. Origin story for Doris' friendship with Mae. Incredible, really.
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Howdy Yuletide author!

First, thank you! Thank you thank you! Yuletide has become such a favorite tradition of mine, and it's due in large part to the wonderful people who write in these obscure little fandoms. You already rock for signing up. So thank you.

Second, the basics. Well, of my tastes, anyway. My usual penchant for angst doesn't necessarily apply this year - feel free to go the happy ending route, just please don't smother the characters in mushiness. :-) The exception, of course, is The Stand, where angst and an unhappy ending is kind of inevitable.

Everything here is just ideas - you may have your own and I say, go with your gut!

On with the show. Some prompts, ideas, etc for my requests.

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First, I have to thank eudaimon for the terrific Yuletide gift, "And Spill the Things I Mean to Hide Away." This is a The Paradise story about Denise, long after the events of series 1. It's beautiful and gives Denise quite her own footing, and I love it.

What I wrote. Uh, too much. :-)

If You Hit It Right, That is Heaven - A League of Their Own for shoemaster. This assignment is my all-time favorite. I had a blast writing this. Jimmy and Dottie, making their way to each other the way I think they might have done if circumstances were on their side. A lot of the comments have been about how "love of baseball" shines through and I was so, so happy to see that, because that is exactly what I wanted to do with it.

The Huge Footprints of the Great Brown Bear - Brave, for silencedancer. This was for Yuletide Madness. It's an attempt at some backstory for the witch. I did this without being able to rewatch the movie at the time, so it's a bit non-compliant with canon (and really off if you've seen the short The Legend of Mor'du), but I had fun writing it.

Clarence Oddbody, Angel (and Good-Deed-Doer) - It's a Wonderful Life for IrenaK. A Yuletide treat written during Madness. Honestly, I wasn't totally thrilled with this, though I didn't realize it until much later. The idea in my head didn't flesh out the way I wanted it to, but I think I may revisit the conceit because it was fun in theory. Clarence makes his way to visit other charges of his (all of whom happen to be Jimmy Stewart film characters), chaos follows.

My Soul to Keep - Stephen King's The Stand for Gryph. Another Yuletide treat written during Madness. Keeping with the theme I started when I wrote words spoken in winter go unheard in 2010, this is a pre-canon glimpse. This time, of the Walking Dude himself, as he wanders through Ogunquit, Maine while Frannie and Harold are still children.
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Dear Yuletide Author,

Wow, is it really Yuletide season again?!

First off, let me just say, you rock for doing this and I can't wait to read what you write. My requests are kind of specific, but I'd rather you take license and do as you would like rather than just stick to these ideas. There is a lot of potential in any fandom, and I'd love to see you tap into that with your own ideas as much as follow any scheme I've come up with.

Last year I did a little bit about the kind of writer/reader I am, which I'm copying/updating here: I've been writing fanfiction for about thirteen years, if you don't count the Batman stories I scribbled when I was supposed to be writing compositions for English class. I'm not known for writing fluff or happy endings, and I prefer stories with a darker edge even if they are essentially happy. I don't mind explicit stories but I like plot more. AUs are fine, within the given time period for a specific work. Crossovers are likewise awesome, within the same limit (my favorite never-written AU verse is Lost/The Stand. Seriously, POTENTIAL).

These are the things I have a particular wish for this year:

The Paradise )

The Stand )

Hell on Wheels )
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TITLE: The Headaches, the Heartaches, the Backaches, the Flops
AUTHOR: Maidenjedi
FANDOM: Galaxy Quest
SUMMARY: Gwen DeMarco and the first rise and fall of Galaxy Quest.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, not selling.

Written for captainsblog, NYR 2012. Title from "There's No Business Like Show Business." I'm pretty sure this happened because I need something better to do with my time, but whatever.

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Do you know you're an angel? You are, truly. And I love you already, though I'm sure we've never met.

I thought I'd give you just a quick idea of what kind of fan I am, and go from there. I've been writing fanfiction for about twelve years, if you don't count the Batman stories I scribbled when I was supposed to be writing compositions for English class. I'm not known for writing fluff or happy endings, and I don't really read them, either. So, when I picked fandoms for my Yuletide request, I was aiming for the darker side in each one. Generally speaking, I prefer gen and het stories, though you'll notice exceptions in my requests. I don't mind explicit stories but I like plot more. AUs are fine, within the given time period for a specific work. Crossovers are likewise awesome, within the same limit.

So, more details....

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Have a great holiday, Yuletide Santa. I wish I could make you some cookies, because you're already highly deserving of them.
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TITLE: You Never Close Your Eyes
AUTHOR: Maidenjedi
RATING: Strong R, warnings for gore and non-con sex (not graphic).
ARCHIVE: List archives, otherwise please ask.
SPOILERS: Whole series is up for grabs.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own it. Or It, for that matter.
SUMMARY: The Derry High Senior Prom, Class of 1965.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: The title and preceeding lyrics are from "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin," which was a 2-week #1 hit in February 1965. I would have to assume it got major play at the prom in Derry. Just a shame Richie Tozier couldn't be there to serenade Bev with it! I have to assume that Richie, though, was more of a Herman's Hermits fan in '65, wherever he was.

Written for flyakate for NYR 2011.

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TITLE: words spoken in winter go unheard
AUTHOR: Maidenjedi
FANDOM: Stephen King's The Stand
SUMMARY: Stu Redman, his wife, and the first time he saw Mother Abagail.

NOTES: Written for wovenindelibly for Yuletide Madness 2010. Title from "Moralia" by Plutarch. The full quote is "Antisthenes says that in a certain faraway land the cold is so intense that words freeze as soon as they are uttered, and after some time then thaw and become audible, so that words spoken in winter go unheard until the next summer." Also, as Arnette is fictional, there are location liberties taken here.

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TITLE: For a Bit of Colored Ribbon
AUTHOR: Maidenjedi
FANDOM: Downton Abbey
CATEGORY: Gen, multiple pairings
SUMMARY: Some of the ways war comes to Downton.

NOTES: Written for [personal profile] bethbethbeth for Yuletide 2010.

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Hi! I've got some ideas and thoughts that might help you, dear Yuletide Santa. All under the cut.

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Now, with all of this said - just the fact that you, Yuletide Santa, want to write in one of these fandoms, tells me that you have awesome taste and you can be trusted. :-) I can't wait to read whatever you come up with, and I really look forward to that!! So please, consider what I've written here to be a general guideline.
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We're going to leave town for five days, on an adventure, and I'm leaving my computer at home. So, here are some preliminary Yuletide recs!


upon what grounds - This is an Emma AU that hits all the right spots for a spooky, delicious delivery. Highly recommended, but I can't tell you more without spoiling it!

Friday Night Lights

Fades, If You Let It - THIS is the FNL future-fic I didn't know I always wanted to read. Tim Riggins is pitch-perfect and you can really feel the whole mood, like you were living it yourself. I haven't watched this season yet, and this reminds me that I can't wait.

Rules - It isn't Yuletide without a good Tyra/Lyla. This reads like summer, easy and a little dreamlike, with the sharp edges of reality poking in.

Gone with the Wind

In Fashion - This one was written for me (I think that may be three GWTW Yuletide fics now!) and it's absolutely to die for. This is Scarlett's story retold through her fashion choices - the evolution and even devolution of her life told by her fashion sense, is always there in the book and film and we almost don't even notice. The author really did Mitchell's themes a service with this story. Love it.


April Snow - A quiet gem of a story, peeking into the joys of marriage for Anne and Frederick.

The Philadelphia Story

Caviar Sandwiches and Beer - Splendid tale of the war, told using letters between Tracy, Mike, Liz, and good ol' C.K. Take a few minutes to read this and you'll spend the afternoon imagining a homecoming.


But Not Forgotten - A dark, melodic tale of Dan Dreiburg and Walter Kovacs. It will make you want more.

You've Got Mail

140 Characters - I think the reason I like this one so much is that, like the movie, it takes an increasingly common communication tool and hits right at why it works and why it's catching on. Moreover, this is a great "where are they now" kind of tale. I love it, and hope you do, too.
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This is just so far - I'm nowhere near done reading yet :-)

Nor the Battle to the Strong - Gone with the Wind - This was written for me, and y'all, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. Stuart Tarleton, talking to Charles Hamilton, during the war. It's heartbreaking and real, and so in tune with the characters as they were and must have become. I just loved it and you have to go read it if you're a Gone with the Wind fan or a Civil War buff or just interested in good writing.

At Old Tom's Place - The Stand - Years later, Tom has visitors. It's a great postscript for Tom and for Nick, really, and it provokes wonder at what the "next generation" would look like.

Love and Marriage - Jane Austen, Mansfield Park - An AU ending and future for Fanny and company. It's heartbreaking to see what might have been, but it rings so true, Jane Austen as if she were willing to have it end badly for all. Really great story.

Two Women - The American President - We don't often get to see anything about Andy's first wife, and this is a great glimpse into that part of his life. I loved the parallels and the characterization here.

As You Mean to Go On - Love Actually - There are a few great stories in this fandom this year, and this is my favorite. Postscripts for several characters, and it's as beautiful an ensemble as the film presented. Easy to see all of this happening, and it's the kind of story that makes you think of even more. Wonderful!

Comfort and Joy - Little Women - Everybody's reccing this, and for good reason. A moving, bittersweet moment for Laurie and for Beth one Christmas Eve.

wring the water from the wine - Big - Another one everyone's reccing. Makes me want to watch the movie again! And answers some of the questions about what life might have been like for Josh and for Susan, after.

Being Roger Maris - Bull Durham - YES YES YES!!! THIS is what it was like, this is Annie as she absolutely was, and yes, it IS all about baseball. I can't say what it is that I love about this story, just as I can't say what it is I love about the movie, except to say that baseball and love and fundamental ontological riddles of our time are big factors. I will be breaking out my copy later today, I guarantee it. And you should go read this.

What Should Come From a Quest - The Hobbit - Bilbo and Gandalf, after the destruction of Smaug. What makes this especially poignant is that it remembers the lore that came later; it's a great interlude for the overall story of the Ring, and at the same time it's a wonderfully written glimpse into Bilbo's slightly altered state and Gandalf's early suspicion and dismissal of same.


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