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TITLE: Alright, 'til I Fell in Love With You
FANDOM: Zootopia
PAIRING: Nick Wilde/Judy Hopps
CHARACTERS: Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps, Fangmeyer, Delgado

FOR: [ profile] Jingle , for [community profile] not_primetime 2017

SUMMARY: Nick and Judy are out on their first stakeout when things go awry.

NOTES: Title cribbed from Bob Dylan, "Til I Fell In Love with You."

Story also archived on AO3.

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TITLE: Our Own Heart
FANDOM: Game of Thrones
PAIRING: Jaime Lannister/Sansa Stark
CHARACTERS: Sansa Stark, Jaime Lannister, Brienne of Tarth, Podrick Payne

FOR: [ profile] thedevilchicken, for [community profile] rarepairfest 2017

SUMMARY: AU. Jaime has joined Brienne and Podrick on their quest, having fled King's Landing in the wake of Tyrion's escape. Months into the journey, they have found Sansa and seek to fulfill their oath by taking Sansa to the Wall. Sansa is wary, but there is a side to the Kingslayer she has yet to see.

NOTES: I consider Sansa to be, at a minimum, 15 at the time she weds Tyrion on the show. So for this, I put her mentally at 16.

Title from: "Our own heart, and not other men's opinion, forms our true honor." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Story also archived on AO3.

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TITLE: To Reach Our Destination
FANDOM: Number the Stars by Lois Lowry
CHARACTERS: Ellen Rosen, Annemarie Johansen

FOR: [ profile] afinch , for The Exchange at [community profile] fic_corner 2017

SUMMARY: Ellen Rosen goes back to Copenhagen.

NOTES: The title and the prayer referred to in this story come from The Traveler's Prayer. Story also archived on AO3.

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TITLE: They Who Bear the Cost
FANDOM: Mercy Street
PAIRING: Jed/Mary, Henry/Emma
SUMMARY: The inhabitants of Mansion House and the Battle of Antietam.

On AO3.


I had no intention of staying up to actually finish this.  I came into my home office at 11 and picked up a book I have on Civil War battlefields, to get a sense of the timeline of Antietam for this story.  It was originally meant to be a shorter vignette for the series "Sea of Tranquility, Ocean of Storms" (indeed, "Ocean of Storms" was the working title), and I had intended it to be about just one or two of the characters.  It kind of grew as I went, so I just wrote.  It felt longer, while I was writing.  I am sure it could be, if I felt equal to the task of conveying 1860s hospital chaos with no visual aid.  

It is about Antietam, obvs, also called the Battle of Sharpsburg (in the South).  I was struck when watching the series finale (spoiler!) that they didn't about the battle, per se.  The show went with the political aftermath, which I get.  This battle didn't have the impact on Alexandria that others did, in a physical sense, plus battle scenes cost more, and the show is and isn't about the war itself.  But the single bloodiest day of the war does warrant more than a political tussle onscreen, I thought.  And that's how this grew in my head.

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TITLE:  By God's Kindness Alone
FANDOM:  Mercy Street
PAIRING:  Jed Foster/Mary Phinney
SUMMARY:  Jed and Mary contemplate the next steps, after the events of the season two finale, "House of Bondage."

On AO3


I intend this to be the first of a series of vignettes set after the series ending and during the American Civil War.  We'll see how it goes (that's why a series and not a WIP).  The series title is "Sea of Tranquility, Ocean of Storms" (which came about because I've been binging episodes of both The West Wing and The West Wing Weekly, and I just got through "Galileo").
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Actually, I think posting this on the 17th day of the year is pretty encouraging, all things considered.

Day 3

In your own space, set some goals for the coming year. They can be fannish or not, public or private.

The first of my goals is to fill out the goals worksheets I downloaded from Art of Simple.


Okay, in reality, my non-fannish goals are:

1 - Maintain non-contract employment.
2 - Write a short story for publication.
3 - Upgrade my wardrobe.

That first one is a doozy.  I'm only a week into my new job, and really, it isn't a huge challenge right now, but I can see the speed bumps down the road.  Summer child care is going to be an issue.  But I'll deal with that as it gets closer, because there's just too much happening right now.

The second one - look, I've been saying for years that I need to do this.  When I try to explain my fic hobby to someone I usually fib and say I write short stories for fun.  Time to put up or shut up.

Finally, well, I have been doing this in pieces for awhile, which is the only way to do it when you haven't won the lottery or have a huge amount of disposable income.  But really, I need investment pieces, I need things I can fall back on easily for the new job, so.  Working on it.

These really aren't grand goals, except for the short story one.  But I feel like, these are the things that would make me feel most accomplished when the year is out, in a personal way.  There are definitely other things brewing.

And some fannish goals:

1 - Do more than two fic exchanges (so, something in addition to Not Prime Time and Yuletide).
2 - Finish the Zootopia fic.
3 - Write more than 5000 words outside of fic exchanges and the Zootopia fic.

I love fic exchanges, and they are a huge motivator generally, so I want to do the usual two and something new.  Any suggestions?  I like non-fandom-specific exchanges the best, but I'll look at others, too.  

Gotta finish the Zootopic fic.  It's sitting there as this open WIP on AO3 and it actively bugs me.  I still have my story notes, and the general inspiration.  Just need to sit down and do it.

Finally, I really want to write more fic this year.  In what fandom, or what kinds of stories, I really don't know yet.  But I want to hit over 5000 words of fic outside of the exchanges and the Zootopia story.  I think that's reasonable and not so ambitious that it'll intimidate me.

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It's a Wonderful Life. It isn't Christmas without this one.
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I could list many, uncles and cousins and even friends who didn't come back from where they were sent. Many more who did come back, including both my grandfathers, several uncles and aunts, and my parents. But I'm particularly thinking of my mother. She is a Vietnam and Cold War veteran, and she is suffering today from a disease that appears to hit American veterans at a rate higher than among American civilians. It's only in the last year that the United States government has addressed this specifically.

Amytrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease. They still don't know what causes it, they don't know how to predict it, and they don't have anything approaching a cure or even a reliable treatment that improves quality of life.

My mother served for about five years in the United States Navy, in communications and intelligence. She worked at the Pentagon for awhile before working at a base in Rota, Spain, where she met my dad. She got out of the Navy at a higher rank than my dad did, and received an honorable discharge. She is the daughter of WWII veteran, and sister of two more Vietnam veterans (my aunt and uncle, who were both Marines).

I know Memorial Day is set aside to remember those who died while serving, and the idea of Veterans' Day is to honor all veterans, but there you have it.
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Taking my cue from [ profile] memories_child:

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble (100[ish] words) of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. The rules so far state you have to put this up in your journal in return, but I won't hold you to it. I'm happy to write regardless.

Please comment with a pairing and a prompt or two. If you'd like gen, say so.

Fandoms I'll write in (3 added): Lost, The Office, The X-Files, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The West Wing, Harry Potter, Deadwood, and if you're really sweet, I'll do Gone with the Wind or Friday Night Lights, too.

(And hey - I'm doing this as a way to boost my word count for April for [ profile] getyourwordsout. Help a gal out and throw your prompts my way!!)
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I know a lot of us are having yucky weeks for one reason or another. So, in the interest of happy-making, a meme I got from [ profile] cathybites:

The Hypothetical Happy-Making Meme: Take any one of the fandoms you know I write in (or think I should), and give me a bullet-proof happy-making scenario. I will then explain what story from your chosen fandom I would write for your chosen type of happy.

If you're lucky and I'm inspired, I'll write a 500-1000 word fic based on the prompt.

Sound like a good idea?



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