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TITLE: To Give My Love Good-Morrow
AUTHOR: Maidenjedi
RATING: PG, no warnings necessary
PAIRING: Margaret Hale/John Thornton
SUMMARY: Margaret Hale has the world at her feet, and all she wants is to go home again.

NOTES: Written for [community profile] rarepairfest 2015 for [ profile] tree.

A few bits and pieces are more book-inspired, but this is very much a series story. The title is from a poem by Thomas Heywood, from which Mrs. Gaskell pulled the title of the book's final chapter.

Read on AO3 or below the cut.

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Hello Rare Pair Author!

Well, another summer, another round of challenges and exchanges.  This one is one of my favorites, because we get to go where hardly anyone ever goes (or so it seems!).

Generally, I like plot or character pieces that do a lot of thinking.  I like getting to know a character's backstory, especially when there is none in canon.  I'm not a big fan of fluff for fluff's sake, but happy endings compliant with canon are just fine :-).  I prefer no non-con, gender-swapping or PWP.  


Pride and Prejudice - Jane Bennet/Charles Bingley - Jane's perspective on their romance, especially during their separation.  A more serious Charles Bingley (who is undoubtedly more serious on his own, apart from his sisters and Darcy).  AU perhaps?  Bingley wakes up sooner, or doesn't pay any heed to Caroline and Louisa and Darcy.  Bingley is quite ready to be fallen in love with at the Meryton assembly - why?  Did he have his heart broken in town?  Tell me more about Jane without making her weak or simpering.  Compared to Lizzy she's quiet and shy, but what is she like on the inside?  I'm not terribly interested in wedding night stories or anything about their marriage, but their courting deeply interests me!

North and South - Margaret Hale/John Thornton - I am a huge fan of the novel as well as the mini-series, so feel free to pick either for your source here.  I'd kind of like to know why and how Thornton fell in love with Margaret.  Was it just the scene in front of his home during the strike?  Maybe give them a few encounters where he feels emboldened before that.  My favorite AU in this fandom is what would it be like if Margaret accepted his first proposal.  Either because she wants to (!) or maybe Thornton goes to Mr. Hale first and Margaret is backed into a corner. Another idea would be to have the second proposal happen differently - before Margaret leaves Milton?  Or much later - instead of going to make her offer to Thornton in person, she writes to him, and it is a few years before they see one another again.  Pretty much anything will work for me here (but, given what's already out there, maybe stay away from wedding night or anything where Mrs. Thornton is dealing with her usurpation).

The Hunger Games - Cinna/Portia, Katniss/Finnick - Okay, I think Cinna/Portia speaks for itself.  Rebel designers against the world!  How do they get together, is it before the 74th Hunger Games or during?  Is theirs a longstanding partnership?  Who recruited who into rebellion?  Were they both rebels already?  Just tell me a story where the darkness is there, but outside, and together they hold it at bay.  For Katniss/Finnick - I really like them best as friends/allies, but I don't mind them comforting one another.  AU where Peeta doesn't recover, or Finnick isn't allowed on the final mission, whatever.  Don't fridge Annie or Peeta for the sake of romance, please!  But you could, for example, let Peeta not be reaped, so that Katniss as victor encounters Finnick on her own.  So...yeah, anything that doesn't involve unnecessary character death.  HG can skew dark and I don't mind it, but please, no "they have sex for the Capitol crowd"-type stories.  
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