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Luis Jimenez worked for Marsh & McLellan in the World Trade Center. He was 25 on Sept. 11, 2001, and his life was cut short by the terrorist attacks on that horrible day.

Luis graduated from Queens College University in 1998. He was an accountant for MMC for 2 years. His family and close friends called him by his nickname, Luigi. He was a baseball fan (loved the Mets). In September of 2001, he was planning to be married. By all accounts, he had a bright and successful future ahead of him. It was stolen on 9/11.

There is a wonderful tribute page on the MMC site for Luis here. Luis was remembered in 2006 by Chickpilot here. You can read the tribute to Luis in the book Portraits 9/11/01 here.

Luis, I didn't have a chance to know you at all, but I do know you're missed here. May God watch over your family and I hope you are safe in His arms now.

Project 2,996

Allahpundit remembers 9/11
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I've been watching television very nearly all day, like everyone else, trying to fathom what has happened. I'm in Texas, safe, but like many I have family in New York from whom no word has come.

What kind of people do something like this? What kind of people have the sort of audacity this took?

Prayers going out tonight for all the victims, their families and friends, and for our President, that he may have the strength to guide us through this with a cool head and confident manner. Prayers go out for our entire nation and all our allies, that we may have reason to hope and that God will give us all strength to survive the aftermath.
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