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Super excited about this exchange (as I am about them all, really). It isn't very often that there are opportunities for gen fic in this manner.

So, dear author, here are some things you should know generally, and then under the cut are some fandom-specific thoughts.

I like world-building, stories that take place in unexpected places or that include some detail about surroundings. I like character-driven stories, ones that include backstory or off-screen speculation and events. I'm fond of secondary and minor characters, their perspectives on the bigger events. I like main characters, too, and getting different viewpoints from them. Angst is my cup of tea, though not sexual violence of any kind.   Non-canonical character death is okay if it furthers your story.  Seeing as how this is a gen exchange, and some of my requests are more traditionally shippy, I need to clarify that I really enjoy friendship stories or stories that deal with non-romantic aspects of a relationship that may BE romantic later. Team-building is awesome, partnerships between people who aren't very connected in canon or have very little screentime otherwise.

Okay, on to the fandoms.

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TITLE: A Thing of Beauty
FANDOM: Harry Potter
CHARACTERS: Hermione Granger, Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody, Hermione's Parents
SUMMARY: If Hermione was successful in nothing else, she at least saved one beautiful thing during the war.

For [personal profile] pauraque, filling a prompt from a prior post pleading for such. I haven't written Hermione ever, Harry Potter at all in ages, and I didn't reread anything before writing. So....thanks, Google? :-)

Here under the cut, or on AO3.

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Well.  How about this.

Give me a prompt for a fandom I've written in before, and I'll write a minimum of 500 words for it.  

The padawan goes back to school Wednesday and I don't have a job at present.  Prompt me.
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I didn't add this to my sign-up in time, but I'll link it on the DW page for the challenge.

First, thanks for offering in one of these fandoms, and thanks in advance for taking the time to create something!  You're awesome just for that, truly.

Generally, things you should know about my likes/dislikes: I prefer angst over fluff, I like happy endings that come after struggle or discord, I love character studies and backstories. I love minor characters in fic, the chance to flesh out what we don't see on the page or screen. Not into pregnancy AU, high school or university AU, or modern AU. While I love angst, I don't love trauma, especially of the sexual variety. Not into threesome pairings in any of my requested fandoms and prefer femslash if any slash (though not graphic).


AUSTEN Jane - Works - Gen in the male friendships listed: Wentworth and Harville (would LOVE an adventure-on-the-high-seas, bonding over age and situation, etc.  Harville finding out the details of how Anne broke it off with Frederick, but set against a broader story) and Darcy and Bingley (Bingley being generally wiser and more mature than he's usually depicted, origin tale for his friendship with Darcy, gentlemen-about-town stories, etc).  For Elinor/Colonel Brandon, I'd love to see them end up together from the get-go, not because of Marianne's later death or betrayal, something sweet but not cloying.  Wouldn't mind seeing Elinor and Brandon meeting up with Darcy and Elizabeth somehow, Lizzie and Elinor becoming confidantes in some way.  For Elizabeth/Darcy on their own, I love canon-divergent stories about how they got together, such as they realized their feelings sooner, took action sooner, Lizzie says yes the first time, or things took longer, they met in a different situation, etc.  Sky's the limit, right?  :-)

Dawson's Creek - Well, I sail on the good 'ship Joey/Pacey, but I love the barely-requited high school feel of Joey/Dawson.  Play on my heartstrings with bittersweet teenage goodness!  Prefer Joey's POV for this, especially at the latest part of their relationship, maybe even during a time later when they are about to try again and Joey's most in the throes of nostalgia.  Alternately, friendship stories about the three of them are awesome.  Of the three, if it's a solo tale, Pacey would be most interesting to me.  

Possession - A.S. Byatt - Hmm.  I love Christabel/Randolph so much, and I think the thing I want most is for it to work out for them somehow.  To keep from handing out too much collateral damage (poor Blanche!), why not have them meet younger?  Different circumstances?  Maybe their love remains unrequited and on the page, maybe they are discovered and there's a scandal but all ends well, who knows.  Another thought - May Bailey discovers her parentage after all, because SHE finds the letters.  How would that go?  When would it happen, and if Randolph still lives, would she seek him out?  So much possibility!
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Well, the Not Prime Time reveal happened while I was away, so I'm late in posting this here. This fic ate my brain for a good number of weeks. It's wildly AU and went in a totally different direction than I thought it would when I decided I wanted to write about Shireen surviving.

TITLE: In Spite of All Terror
FANDOM: Game of Thrones
CHARACTERS: Shireen Baratheon, Brienne of Tarth, Sansa Stark, Dacey Mormont, Theon Greyjoy, Podrick Payne, Samwell Tarly, a few others make cameos, and an OC
SUMMARY: Shireen Baratheon escapes, and gathers companions, each seeking to survive and none able to continue alone, whether because of danger or duty. This is the tale of how they meet.

Written for Sumi for Not Prime Time 2015

This is long, so I'm just going to provide the link.

In Spite of All Terror (AO3)

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First couple of drabbles (both Firefly) are here.

I'm not limiting myself to word count, but everything will be a minimum of 100 words.

This is just the XF ones. I think I've got 2 or 3 to go, West Wing and Buffy. Look for them probably tomorrow night or Tuesday.

Here we go!

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Taking my cue from [ profile] memories_child:

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble (100[ish] words) of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. The rules so far state you have to put this up in your journal in return, but I won't hold you to it. I'm happy to write regardless.

Please comment with a pairing and a prompt or two. If you'd like gen, say so.

Fandoms I'll write in (3 added): Lost, The Office, The X-Files, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The West Wing, Harry Potter, Deadwood, and if you're really sweet, I'll do Gone with the Wind or Friday Night Lights, too.

(And hey - I'm doing this as a way to boost my word count for April for [ profile] getyourwordsout. Help a gal out and throw your prompts my way!!)
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Title: White-Armed Persephone (The I Am 83429 Remix)
Author: [ profile] maidenjedi
Summary: She ate pomegranate seeds, and returned to the underworld for a season every year.
Rating: R
Fandom: The West Wing
Warnings: References to kidnapping and non-sexual assault
Spoilers: Through "Jefferson Lives"
Title, Author and URL of original story: "Janus" by [ profile] sangerin:

Written for [ profile] remixredux08

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