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TITLE: The Road to Hell
FANDOM: The Hunger Games
RATING: Mature
CHARACTERS: Coriolanus Snow, OCs
SUMMARY: The Rebellion has been crushed, and Panem is rebuilding itself. In the midst of this, the first Hunger Games must be held, by order of the Treaty of Treason. Coriolanus Snow, a young and ambitious Capitol citizen who survived the war but saw his share of bloodshed, is appointed Head Gamemaker. WIP.

This story is housed at AO3. Click here to read.

Updated 9/1/2014 (Chapter 1)
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TITLE: The Light of Day
PAIRING: Haymitch Abernathy/Effie Trinket
SPOILERS: The Hunger Games series through Mockingjay
DISCLAIMER: Not mine and I'm not selling.
SUMMARY: Effie returns home.

NOTES: For now, I choose comfort. Also available on AO3.

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TITLE: Rebel Yell
AUTHOR: Maidenjedi
RATING: PG-13, references violence/deaths from the novel
SPOILERS: Whole series is up for grabs.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own it, not making money off it.
SUMMARY: Gale, watching.

NOTES: I could not get this out of my head. More gen than not. Also up on AO3.

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