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A Dazzling Place I Never Knew
Author: [personal profile] maidenjedi
Artist(s): [profile] casper_san
Link to art:
Word Count: 4868
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It was a whole new world, but then again, it wasn't. Storybrooke, in the beginning.
Disclaimer: Not mine, and I'm not making any money.
Notes: I should have signed up for something bigger, as I had no idea this could take me in so many directions. Many thanks to L. for beta! Title from Disney's "A Whole New World" in Aladdin.

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TITLE: Let Her Perish Twice Over
AUTHOR: Maidenjedi
FANDOM: Once Upon a Time
PAIRING: Belle/Rumpelstiltskin
SUMMARY: Belle and revenge.

NOTES: Written for Makioka for Not Prime Time 2012.

"Whoever loves, let him flourish. Let him perish who knows not love. Let him perish twice over whoever forbids love." - written on a wall in the ruins of Pompeii

Read on AO3 or below.

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