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Not Prime Time authors are revealed today, so I can cop to writing the following:

The Man in the Gabardine Suit is a Spy (Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America movies)
Steve and Natasha are on the run. Until one day, they aren't.  This one was written for [ profile] snickfic and was from my actual assignment.  I wasn't able to see Captain America: Winter Soldier a second time so my canon is a bit squiffy, and my tonal inspiration was drawn a bit from the final episodes of the first season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  But truthfully, I started shipping Steve/Natasha after that movie and the idea of them on the run fascinates me.  

To Humbler Functions, I Call Thee (Game of Thrones)
Catelyn Stark, mother.  For [ profile] etoilecourageuse tried a few different ways of writing what I was driving at: Catelyn Stark's identity as a mother is her highest calling, and how does mothering five children of her own and serving in that function for two other children really become rooted in her?  I also originally tagged this as also being a Song of Ice and Fire story, for which I was chastised in the comments because I shifted the canon to suit my needs re: Robb Stark's birth.  But frankly, since a certain incarnation of Cat is unlikely to grace our screens, and I'm theorizing that every decision, every opportunity of mothering contributes to that eventual fate, I think this story is for both canons.  ::shrug::
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TITLE: We Were Young Once, and Brave
FANDOM: Captain America/MCU
AUTHOR: Maidenjedi
PAIRING: Peggy Carter/Howard Stark
SUMMARY: Peggy Carter and Howard Stark deal with the aftermath, over the years. And how a certain artifact comes to rest in Tony Stark's garage.

A/N: Written for Lizardbeth for Not Prime Time 2013. Spoilers for Captain America, MCU films to date. No comics-canon here.

Also on AO3.

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