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Dearest Yuletide Author, you have already made my year just by signing up!

Generally speaking: I prefer angst over fluff, I like happy endings that come after struggle or discord, I love character studies and backstories. I love minor characters in fic, the chance to flesh out what we don't see on the page or screen. Not into pregnancy AU, high school or university AU, or modern AU. BUT I love canon-divergence or AUs within the given universe (a different meet-cute, or a different ending, for example). While I love angst, I don't love trauma, especially of the sexual variety. Not into threesome pairings in any of my requested fandoms and prefer femslash if any slash (though not graphic). I'm on Tumblr as Maidenjedi (it hasn't been updated in ages, but what's there is probably still relevant).


Suite Fran├žaise (2015) - I ship Lucile/Bruno so hard, and there are so few stories on the Archive for them! I'd really love to see them back together after the war, finding a way to make it work, or even having one fling to get some closure. Alternately, I'd love to see Lucile the Resistance Fighter, haunted a bit by her almost-love with Bruno but determined to beat back the Nazi invasion. If Benoit can join her in those adventures, awesome! Another idea - give me some backstory for the severe Madame Angellier that gives her more dimension and cause. I've also read the book, so if you have and you want to use that for material, go for it!

Death Comes to Pemberley (2013) - I was enchanted by the film version of the PD James novel, and I would like more Georgiana/Henry! I'd especially love to see them in their courtship phase, post-film. I'm also quite curious about Darcy and Lizzy in the years between P&P and DCtP. Lizzy's anxiety over the way Darcy relates to her, the history between them rearing it's ugly head, seems like it may have been a issue earlier. So yeah, some angst as they get used to one another would be great to read about, before but in the context of the DCtP events. Love to read, too, about a happy Christmas in the future, with Georgiana and Henry in the center.

The Buccaneers (1995) - I've always thought the decidedly-un-Whartonlike take on this story is actually a lot of fun. I ship Nan/Guy and would most like to see them in their happy ending. OR - I love canon divergence, and how about hooking Guy and Nan up much sooner, saving her from a loveless marriage with the Duke? And, here's a thought - mess it all up, and let Nan remain a Duchess. Maybe she knows about Julius and maybe not, but she takes the coronet and makes it all work beautifully. Maybe she and Guy reconnect decades later, and Julius is gone, and Guy has to break down walls that Nan has put up? Another idea - Guy comes to the States to work on railroads, and meets Nan there instead. If none of this floats your boat, how about a romance for Laura Testvalley with a man who values her?

The Great Escape (1963) - No slash, please. How about Hendley and Hilts after the war, meeting at a reunion? They can be much older, or it can be shortly after the war. Hendley goes on an Honor Flight to see the memorial in Washington? Hilts plays minor league baseball and Hendley sees him play? Basically, I just want to know what happens to these guys in fictional terms.

The Incredibles (2004) - Honey Best, secret Super! Mirage, has powers but doesn't find out until after the events of the film, or she knew all along and hides it so she can work to foil Syndrome. Helen Parr and Honey Best team up to save the world from a baddie. Edna Mode gets her start in Super fashion. Edna and Helen plan Helen's wedding dress. Anything involving any of these ladies works for me!! (also, Mirage/Helen would work for me, if Bob is NOT in the picture)
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